At Westpoint Canada Immigration, we understand how stressful an application for temporary or permanent status in Canada can be. Refusals happen. An application may be refused for many reasons, including incomplete or inconsistent forms, missing documents, lack of information or proof, and so on. While being refused may leave you feeling completely disappointed and demotivated, know that your first (and even second or third) refusal is not necessarily the last and invariable decision. 

  • Has your application been refused?
  • Requests for Reconsideration
  • Is your application delayed?
  • Lost status in Canada?

If your application has been refused, Westpoint Canada Immigration will take care of ordering internal government notes to understand what went wrong with your previous submission. We will then work with you to assess your previous submission, offer advice and suggestions on how to improve your application, and help you submit a fresh application. Sometimes, a few additional documents can make a huge difference in the officer’s final decision. At other times, a lot of work has to be done in order to improve your application and its potential for success.  

Sometimes, it is possible to ask for reconsideration rather than reapplying again and waiting months for a new decision. For example, you can ask for reconsideration if a document was neglected or the officer made an obvious oversight. Every case is unique, and making these requests can be complicated and time sensitive. We believe that hiring an experienced consultant who can guide you through the process and help you write a persuasive argument can improve your chances of success. 

If your application is delayed, Westpoint Canada Immigration will obtain internal government notes for the latest updates on your application. We will assess your application, and if we catch any possible issues, we will address them immediately. 

Have you stayed beyond the validity of your status in Canada? In general, if a visitor, worker or student loses their status in Canada, they can apply to reinstate or restore their status within 90 days. Applications for restoration of status can be complex and urgent. In some circumstances, leaving Canada and re-applying for a new permit might be a quicker option than applying for restoration of status, as restoration can take several months. We can help you determine whether you are eligible for restoration and guide you through the application process.