Study in Canada

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If you are an international student looking to continue your academic journey in Canada, Westpoint Canada Immigration is here to help. We assist international students in connecting with colleges and universities across Canada for various academic programs and/or language courses.

In addition to taking care of your study permit application, we can also help with the following:

  • choosing an appropriate program and/or educational institution;
  • preparing the required  documentation for admission;
  • registering for the IELTS/CELPIP,
  • finding appropriate accommodations (including homestay),
  • document translation, and
  • obtaining health insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company for the proposed duration of your stay. 

Work After Graduation – Post-Graduation Work Permit

If you would like an opportunity to work in Canada after you graduate, be very careful when choosing your Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Not every DLI offers programs eligible for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP). We can help you determine whether your chosen DLI and/or program qualifies for the PGWP and offer advice based on your individual situation.

To apply to study in Canada as an international student, contact Westpoint Canada Immigration today!

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